Infrastructure Projects Led by MiCDA Affiliates

Health and Retirement Study

  • The Health and Retirement Study (U01AG009740 PI David Weir) designs, collects and distributes longitudinal multi-disciplinary data to support research on aging and the health and well-being of the older population. The study has collected data from approximately 20,000 participants ages 50 and older for more than 30 years and has been replicated around the world.
  • HRS’ Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (U01AG058499 PI Kenneth Langa) is administered to a subsample of HRS respondents ages 65 and older and their informants to assess cognitive functioning and dementia. A network grant supports the harmonization of international HCAP studies (R24AG065182; MPI David Weir; Kenneth Langa).

Panel Study of Income Dynamics

  • The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (R01AG040213 MPI Vicki Freedman; David Johnson) has collected information from a national representative sample of families and their descendants since 1968. Its long-term measures of economic and social wellbeing have allowed unique insight into the dynamics of social and behavioral processes, increasingly in the context of an aging society. The collection of health and other aging-related data allow study of influences on late life health and wellbeing over the life course and across generations.

National Health and Aging Trends Study and National Study of Caregiving

  • The National Health and Aging Trends Study and National Study of Caregiving (U01AG032947; R01AG054004; R01AG062477 MPI Vicki Freedman) are conducted in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. The studies promote scientific inquiry into late-life disability trends and dynamics and the consequences of late-life disability for individuals, families, and society.  NHATS has collected annual in-person data from approximately 8,000 Medicare enrollees ages 65 and older since 2011. Family and unpaid caregivers of NHATS participants are interviewed periodically in NSOC. The most recent awards fund annual collection of NHATS and NSOC through 2023. Online dashboards and a companion chartbook are available that track trends. Users can also sign up for an NHATS online course for beginners.

National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging