Providing Secure Access to Restricted Data on Aging

About the MiCDA Enclave

MiCDA supports a Virtual Data Enclave (VDE) to provide approved users with remote access to restricted data on the demography of aging. The term “restricted data” refers to data products that cannot be distributed to the general public because of respondent privacy or confidentiality concerns.

Applying for Access

Three groups of users are currently eligible to apply:

Health and Retirement Study (HRS) users

Apply through HRS.


Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) users conducting aging research

Apply through PSID.


MiCDA affiliates conducting aging research with other data resources

Apply for access here.


Enclave Resources

Approved users are provided access to a virtual Windows workstation through a virtual desktop infrastructure. Each workstation is equipped with a suite of statistical software (including SAS, Stata, SPPS, MatLab, ArcGIS, R, and Stat/Transfer) and Microsoft Office.

MiCDA VDE users with large or computationally intensive projects may request access to a secure high performance computing server provided by the Survey Research Center.