lllustrative Research by MiCDA Affiliates

MiCDA affiliates are leading efforts to understand changing life expectancy, late-life disability and dementia and consequences for families of older adults. A few illustrative projects include:

  • Arline Geronimus is investigating economic distress and growing educational disparities in life expectancy (R01AG059743).
  • In collaboration with RAND researchers, Ken Langa has been exploring the societal costs of dementia in the United States (R01AG053972)
  • Vicki Freedman and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University are studying the dynamics and daily experiences of caregivers (R01AG054004) and recent and long-term trends in dementia and other kinds of caregivers (R01AG062477). They are also tracking late-life disability trends through a series of online dashboards and a companion chartbook (U01AG032947 and P30AG012846)
  • Kira Birditt is studying racial differences in daily experiences among dementia caregivers (R01AG063200) and parent child dyads coping with early stage dementia (R01AG058565). 
  • Several MiCDA affiliates have K awards to study dementia caregiving including Hwajung Choi (K01AG057820), Amanda Leggett (K01AG056557) and Courtney Polenick (K01AG059829).