Cognitive Resilience to Depressive symptoms in Diverse Older Adults

Laura Beth Zahodne
Associate Professor, Psychology, College of Literature, Science & the Arts
Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research


Significant knowledge gaps regarding the depression-dementia link include modifiable factors that attenuate this link and reasons for differences in resilience across racial groups. This pilot addresses these gaps by recruiting a racially diverse, population-representative sample of older adults for psychosocial, cognitive, and functional assessment and by examining how modifiable psychosocial resources that differ across race promote cognitive resilience to depressive symptoms.


  • Zahodne, L. 2018. Cognitive resilience to depressive symptoms in diverse older adults. 1st annual MiCDA Pilot Project Symposium. May 7, 2018, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Zahodne, L. Pilot project from P30 AG024824 (Yung) and P30 AG053760 (Paulson). Inflammation, Social Stress, and Racial Disparities in Cognitive Aging 07/10/2018-06/30/2019.
  • Dr. Zahodne’s pilot resulted in initiating a new longitudinal cohort of adults transitioning into older adulthood: the Michigan Cognitive Aging Project (MCAP; PI Zahodne). MCAP has collected comprehensive measures of psychosocial functioning, health, and cognitive domains in over 400 racially and socioeconomically diverse adults assessed face-to-face. MCAP serves as a foundation for an ongoing longitudinal study that now includes the collection of blood-based biomarkers and neuroimaging data.